Kennedy’s Bakery Production Magazine

Kennedy’s Bakery Production was launched by Kennedy’s in 2013 as a global monthly for the industrial bakery industry. Since we publish the market leading title for the international confectionery industry, Kennedy’s Confection, we felt that we could serve the industry in our unique way and provide you with another market leading title with great service and commitment to the bakery industry.

Kennedy’s Bakery Production is published every month to over 3,500 key buyers of industrial bakery equipment and ingredient applications and is fast becoming a market leader; just like its sister magazine here at Kennedy’s!

A strong part of editorials is reviewing the latest industrial equipment and ingredient technologies.

Kennedy’s Bakery Production is published ten times a year and covers the processes involved in the technology of bakery processing, packaging and related services. Articles tend to focus on technology driven themes with regular features on ingredients, process and packaging machinery, and related services and materials to the industrial manufacturer.

Regular reports are also included on market trends, factory profiles, new products and our trademark 1-2-1 interviews. We are also keen on market reports on the state of the global bakery industry providing key data for bakery producers to keep ahead with the trends.

Readers are the producers at senior level and are involved in the purchasing of technologies to produce: breads, bagels, wafers and biscuits, sponge goods, pizzas, pastries related bakery products and snacks. The areas covered are mainly production and packing; however, editorials also cover private label, finished product news and a news-round-up of the best news that readers often miss online and other special editions that can be seen in our editorial planner.

Kennedy’s are renowned for producing first class exhibition reviews for our magazines and we are pleased to be involved with IBIE, FiE, Interpack, IBA, Europain and many others that occur in the industry.

We believe there is something very special about appearing in a magazine. Online and print magazines are very different and complimentary experiences for the reader. We have found that the magazine is still in strong demand and that advertising with both online and in print media makes for highly effective promotional plan.

Talk to our team at Kennedy’s, as we would love to hear your story about your products and help you with your exposure and help you become part of our thriving community of key suppliers, producers and professionals in the confectionery industry.

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