Improved fortunes for Bühler with annual results

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017

Annual results from Bühler have shown a 2% rise in turnover to CHF 2.45 billion ($2.45 billion), bolstered by research and development investment.

Container filling system for counter and shelf displays

Friday 11th Nov 2016

GEA has introduced a container filling system as an option for the GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper and TwistWrapper lollipop wrapping machines.

Containers and boxes are great ways to transport and store lollipops. Transparent containers are ideal for display on counters and shelves in retail outlets.

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New continuous production line for Montezuma’s

Thursday 27th Oct 2016

Montezuma's has made a £500,000 investment in a new continuous production line with a 90-metre spiral cooling tunnel to more than double production capacity.

The decision to install the new machinery is a direct result of the increased demand the company has experienced following extended contracts with customers including Sainsbury's and Trader Joe's.

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Modular picker line arrives in the UK

Thursday 18th Aug 2016

For the first time in Great Britain, Gerhard Schubert is presenting the first packaging machine without an electrical cabinet at the PPMA 2016 show in Birmingham.

The reduced electronics further lower the maintenance costs of robot-supported packaging machines.

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The Italian way of going to press

Thursday 14th Jul 2016

Angus Kennedy recently visited GSR Cocoa Machinery in the North of Italy for a full factory tour and an interview with Luigi and Giuseppe Turla. Here, Angus presents a full account of his fascinating trip

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Fully automated lollipop coating line unveiled

Wednesday 6th Jul 2016

A new GEA Aquarius Coating Line for producing fluid, powder and granulate coated lollipops is to be introduced by the company at the upcoming Confitexpo in Mexico.

The line forms, coats and wraps lollipops, and GEA states that this is the only fully automated solution (patent pending) currently available in the world.

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Jellies and gums for the future

Wednesday 30th Mar 2016

With consumers constantly seeking new and novel confectionery products, the onus is on jelly and gum manufacturers to meet this demand by developing products that capture the consumer's imagination. Kennedy's rounds-up how manufacturers are going about this in an ever-demanding marketplace

Innovations and a new addition at FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen

Wednesday 10th Feb 2016

FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen, a provider of wafer production systems worldwide, has announced that it now has Thomas Patreider (Patreider SRL) on board, contributing his experience and expertise to the Haas brand.

ProSweets Coverage – Spinning frame moulds and more

Tuesday 19th Jan 2016

German company Hans Brunner, one of the world's leading chocolate mould manufacturers, offers a wide range of chocolate moulds, industrial products and ice cream scoops.

ConfecECO introduced by Winkler und Dünnebier

Saturday 16th Jan 2016

German company WDS has recently introduced new manufacturing processes and technology concepts – including ConfecECO. The newest addition to its fleet of machines, the ConfecECO series is essentially a re-launch of its existing program for lower capacity equipment.