The future of chocolate

Angus Kennedy, Editor of Kennedy’s Confection, interviews Bas Smit, Head of Marketing, Barry Callebaut N.V., live at the London Chocolate Forum this month. Bas revealed the findings for the first time of their latest chocolate consumer insights; a result of over a year of comprehensive research

The future of chocolate

The new study, exclusive to the LCF 16, investigated global consumer behaviour and needs of the chocolate consumers of today and subsequently how to act upon for tomorrow.

Angus Kennedy: Bas, it’s great to welcome you here and to address our audience here in the City Of London at the LCF today. We’ve got to know each other quite well over the last 1.5 years, and have had some very interesting discussions on the subject of chocolate. I believe this one in particular could potentially top them all!

Okay, so Barry Callebaut is, I understand, the biggest chocolate company in the world; why do you need to do research? You now have some very significant research about to be presented for the first time here today. But why does Barry Callebaut need to do that? Especially such a huge amount of research right across the world and significant costs – don’t you know everything about chocolate already Bas?

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