Monday 1st Feb 2016

Schubert are predicting a totally new generation of machines that will be on the market by 2016 which will be markedly different from what we think is modern today. We believe they are one of the main drivers of innovation in the market place. Angus Kennedy, Editor, talks to Gerald Schubert to tune into the future of confectionery packaging equipment and the ‘bear packaging necessities of life!’


Monday 1st Feb 2016

Theegarten-Pactec continues to make huge progress with their new factory, as they surge ahead constructing a new and larger state of the art facility and offices in Dresden. Angus Kennedy, Editor, finds out direct from Markus Rustler, CEO on the new benefits the site will offer and a look into the new company of the future.


Thursday 1st Oct 2015

I have always imagined what it would be like to meet at least one of the Haas family and tune into the energy that is driving this magnificent company forever forward. I have written about the Haas Group many times over many years, and always held a space for the Haas family in the back of my mind. And when the opportunity finally came for an exclusive interview with Johannes Haas, well, I wasn’t going to let it go!

Barry Callebaut

Sunday 1st Mar 2015

Has the time has come when chocolate really can be an art? Barry Callebaut have introduced their brand new FullFill Factory concept. Angus Kennedy, Editor, sits down with Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director, FM Western Europe who reveals perhaps, for the first time, the true colours of Barry Callebaut.


Sunday 1st Mar 2015

Cémoi has continuously upheld a standard of quality chocolate and cocoa production as well as transparency through its Cocoa Centres in South America and Africa. Today they have groundbreaking news, including a brand new factory in Africa – a new trend perhaps? Angus Kennedy, Editor, spoke to Mr. Patrick Poirrier, CEO to find out about the market and their announcement in “Transparency”.


Sunday 1st Mar 2015

LoeschPack are making impressive steps forward, developing rapidly into new markets. Kennedy’s went to see them at ProSweets 2015 to find out more on the release of their first Flow Wrapping System Solution for chocolate tablets. Angus Kennedy, Editor, caught up with Andreas Graf, Managing Director, to talk exclusively about how this company has grown and the unique ideas he is bringing to the table.

Walker's Nonsuch

Sunday 1st Mar 2015

Walkers Nonsuch is a one of the few traditional family toffee business left in the whole of Europe. There are reasons why. A company too, that has been attending iSM for 43 years. Daisy Phillipson, Deputy Editor, spoke with Ian Walker, Managing Director of this wonderful family business to talk exclusively about how they just keep going and producing consistently good and ‘theatrical’ quality products year on year!