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Speakers now finalized at The London Chocolate Forum

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

by Angus Kennedy

Well, when you get your head down it works! Many of you know I have been lying up on the couch with my feet up after knee surgery and while I was there, I finished the final plans for The London Chocolate Forum and wow; what an event it is this year!

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Congrats Cadbury - We really like it!

Thursday 21st Apr 2016

by Angus Kennedy

You know I actually genuinly like the new style of pack of the Cadbury Roses, announced today that came with it’s usual barrage of relentless press and consumer activity from both sides of the we-love-Cadbury verses oh-no-but-we-don’t camps. One reader on the Daily Mail today on trying the new Roses product version went on to say that they ‘taste like disinfectant’. Er, what the hell are they on? NO THEY DON’T!

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The Day of the Bread

Monday 11th Apr 2016

O.K. cakes and other sweet goodies too. But while I have been recovering from my knee operation (thank you everyone for your cheer-up post op messages in particular from House of Sarunds and products sent to my home from Plamil Foods by the way); I have started baking!

No really, an old dog like me starting something new and that I am brilliantly hopeless at. I never thought I would get into it, but what with having lots of chocolate in the house, the time to do something and stressed because I can just about walk to the living room to the kitchen. Well what better that to hit the dough! Yes and having loads of chocolates and decorations handy here at home to decorate cakes with and then having 5 kids who would happily eat the end result (no matter how bad), it all seemed like a good idea.

The home baking market in the UK is worth around £1.6bn. And classic baking seems to have declined but within that market sector and defying it is the 'sweet baking sector', which according to Mintel has seen some year on year growth by a massive 80% in the UK and it’s worth they reported, over £179m.

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When Chocolate is the Eaststar

Thursday 31st Mar 2016

by Angus Kennedy Well if you look at my kitchen table (I am looking at it now as I write) there are still remnants of Easter. Half-eaten bunnies with their heads, eaten off. Torn Easter cartons on the side next to the cooker with a few chocolate bits left and it’s all over. Luckily, my kids didn’t have the UK national average of 8.8 Easter eggs (up from 8 in 2013). Well Easter Eggs are smaller now, so (pause)… we can sit back and wait for the next seasonal growth market! As if Easter can grow? Already we eat 700,000 tons a year of chocolate each year in the UK, and Easter makes up for 10% of that market. So we have just eaten about 80,000 tons of chocolate in the UK and spent around £500 million on them too. Click here to continue reading...

It's definitely the best shot

Tuesday 8th Mar 2016

by Angus Kennedy

It could only come from Mr. Joseph Zotter of Zotter Schokoladen in Austria – now a good friend of mine that came over to talk at the London World Chocolate Forum in 2013 and yes, he does wear different coloured shoes and yes, he does have a chocolate graveyard with failed chocolate bar ideas (buried) in the grounds of his factory.

And yes, now he does have syringe filled ‘chocolate shots’ which we received today in our offices. At £2.90 per pack of Chocoshot® it’s definitely a novelty value purchase. Actually the one I tried today was surprising in that it tasted quite nice. Normally things that come from syringes are most terrifying and you definitely would not want to eat!

We will only ever learn what something is really like when we can’t have it

Monday 7th Mar 2016

by Angus Kennedy

I was impressed by the Mother’s day selection at my local Thornton’s mini store in Maidstone, (UK) last weekend. Whether or not the ‘Ferrero touch’ had started kicking in or not, it didn’t matter. The result was a frenzied queue of 40 something blokes (like me too) searching desperately for that last minute gift for the kids to give mum on mother’s day (just gone).

Of course my wife is on a NS diet, (“NS” for no sugar). So I was unable to buy her a good quality no sugar chocolate assortment from this store. I think the time will come when you don’t have to be a diabetic to enjoy a good sugar-free chocolate assortment selection. I have just come off the phone to Cavalier chocolates today by the way, who have been in the sugar-free chocolate market for long time in Belgium and said something interesting. The UK press has been late in sugar awareness coverage, but what an huge amount of publicity it is. It’s late but it’s concentrated like no other country endured.

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Why I choose to go sugar-free (at least for now)

Friday 19th Feb 2016

by Angus Kennedy

No that’s it! Really … I am just too busy to have another knee operation (reported last week). How sad is that? I am just too occupied to sort out the most important thing in the world - MY BODY! Yes and all this, while my wife and I have been experimenting with our ‘NS’ diets- NS standing for NO SUGAR.

I confess the NS diet was my idea in the first place, as now I can’t really go to the gym any more because of my recently diagnosed - a Baker’s Popliteal Cyst lurking in my knee. Anyone ever had one?

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Are Prosweets really planning a show before Interpack? Brave move!

Wednesday 17th Feb 2016

by Angus Kennedy

My informers tell me that Prosweets have been planning an exhibition in an Interpack year for some time. ‘Something of a U turn Angus’, I was reminded by a friend at the last Prosweets show earlier this year. ‘When the exhibition started,’ he continued, ‘I seem to remember the promise that they would not run a Prosweets show in an Interpack year’. I remember that too. Hmmm - now looks like they changed their minds right?

I asked several major exhibitors at the show if a Prosweets show was a good idea in an Interpack year and all but one said they would not take a stand. Ok early days, but if you are a serious buyer and your travel costs are high, would you come to Germany in 29 Jan – 1st Feb 17 and when only a few months later you can go to Interpack in May 17? ?

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Would you swap sugary snacks for non-sugary treats?

Tuesday 16th Feb 2016

by Angus Kennedy

I like the idea from Ricola who had the ingenious idea to ask shoppers in the U.K. if they would swap sugary snacks for non-sugary-but-still-sweet-treats as they exited the U.K. supermarket a couple of weeks ago. Their research was interesting which was carried out on the 28th January this year. They discovered that only 35% of adults in the U.K. are careful about their sugar intake. 21% of adults admit enjoying at least one sugar based treat every day and 44% of those surveyed don’t monitor their weekly sugar . And as little as 27% do recognise that they consume too much sugar. Ha! … of which I have been in all the categories!

Kennedy’s sales hit new record with new publishing team

Monday 15th Feb 2016

by Angus Kennedy

Ok yes I know a self-congratulatory post but hear me out! Yes it was true, we lost a lot of money last year (it was stolen from Kennedy’s). Kennedy's were robbed of tens of thousands of pounds last year by a criminal gang faking my ID! Ha! But I have seen it all before. I’ve had it all and we always can make the hardships into our strengths.

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