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Hans Brunner at KCIN 2013

Hans Brunner will be exhibiting at the Kennedy’s Chocolate Industry Network event being held at the British Library on 2nd October.

Brunner is one of the world’s top addresses for chocolate moulds. Brunner’s high quality products cover a broad range of moulds for hand-crafted confectioners on one side, to industrial chocolate manufacturers on the other.

The company works with two plastic shaping technologies, which are “Injection Moulding” and “Thermopressing”, and has the freedom to decide which technology works best for each customer’s challenge.

Brunner offers the full range of development and manufacturing services from the idea for a shaped chocolate to the supply of reliable and durable chocolate moulds.

As a novelty, Brunner presents the new BLUEFLEX® Carrier frame that can be used for many different applications. The system is based on the popular BLUEFLEX® system for hollow figure moulding in connection with 1.5 mm Polycarbonate insert moulds. Instead of the blue grid which divides the frame in two or four cavities, the BLUEFLEX® Carrier can hold different inserts that can be used flexibly for different purposes:

  • Polycarbonate Carrier Insert for blister moulds with cavities in different sizes and geometries

The insert can easily be adapted to existing blister moulds. Centrings for one-shot depositing are foreseen.

This blister carrier can be used for 3D-shapes like eggs and balls as well as for flat-bottom products like pralines and tablets.

  • Polycarbonate Carrier Insert for 2.5 mm Polycarbonate single cavities, either for spinning of hollow figures or depositing of flat-bottom products like pralines and tablets. The advantage of using the 2.5 mm Polycarbonate single cavities is the high quality of the articles, as well as the possibility to add textures at low tooling costs.
  • This carrier is available in several layouts and therefore supports different cavity sizes perfectly. It is an ideal solution for testing customised articles in a close to reality process. This allows for cost-efficient production of small batch series for individual hollow figures.

Furthermore, Brunner offers the complete range of moulds:

  • Industrial injection moulds for different applications, including cost-efficient moulds for standard processes, and high-quality moulds for automated spinning and cold stamping
  • Self-supporting spinning moulds
  • Frame systems for spinning process
  • Injection and thermopress moulds for pralines, bars and tablets
  • One-shot moulds
  • Flood-fill hand moulds for manual hollow figure production
  • Demoulding, transport and storage trays
  • Individual moulds and trays for non-conventional solutions like wafer-feed trays, biscuit feeders, moulds with movable ejectors, etc.